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Jian Li

HPAA Senior Instructor

Graduated from the Department of Classical Dance, Beijing Dance Academy, majoring in table teaching. Served successively in the Zongzheng Song and Dance Ensemble, China Opera, and Dance Theater. Participated in many dance dramas and national large-scale theatrical performances including the closing ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.


Started teaching work in 2013 and taught at the Art Training Department of China Opera and Dance Theater. She has successively served as the examiner of the director of the Art Examination Committee of the Chinese Opera and Dance Theater, the judge of the 6th Chinese Art Global Competition, and the judge of the Beijing Special Session of the 7th National Campus Culture and Art Festival. She also serves as Beijing Acrobatic Troupe, Beijing Gymnastics Team, Beijing Experimental Primary School dance teacher, and art director.


The works edited by her participated in the 18th Beijing Art Festival and won the gold medal. She was also awarded the title of Excellent Teacher in the Education System of Xicheng District, Beijing. Rich in teaching and creation.

Ping Ye

HPAA Senior Instructor

Ping Ye is an outstanding professional dance instructor. She is a graduate of the Shanghai Dancing Academy with an emphasis in the Western Ballet. She also earned her degree from the Shanghai Normal University as an accomplished Choreographer and Chinese Folk Dance instructor. She graduated from the Composition Department of Shanghai conservatory of music. She has also been awarded her teaching certification from the British Royal Ballet Academy. She had many accomplishments in China as a dance instructor and principal for a Shanghai Art School prior to her arrival in the United States. As well as her contribution to teaching in dance. She earned her title of “Excellent Educator “from the government.

She has been teaching dance in the Bay Area for over twenty years. She trained many students to enter higher education institutions since childhood. Become a professional dancer. Her students have repeatedly won gold medals in National and international competitions, and she has also won the choreography award in the World Championship. She is excellent teacher with rich experience.


Qi Zhu

HPAA Senior Instructor

Ms. Qi Zhu is a senior faculty member at HPAA. She graduated from the Shanghai Dance School and the Shanghai Theatre Academy’s Dance School, and is a member of the Shanghai Dancers’ Association. She has danced for the Shanghai Eastern Spring Dance Company, performing on stage in China and abroad, and has served for years as a dance teacher and choreographer for various art organizations and institutes, such as Shanghai TV and Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe.

Her teaching has been very well received by her students and she has been recognized as an Outstanding Artist. Her choreography has won numerous awards, including the Monte Carlo’s Golden Clown Award, the highest honor in the world of acrobatics.

Kimberly Dodge

HPAA Senior Instructor

Trained and graduated from Professional Ballet School under directors Carmela Zegarelli Peter and Zoltan Peter. She joined Queen City Ballet Company under director Campbell Midgley, where she performed lead roles in full lengths of Swan Lake, The Nutcracker, and Sleeping Beauty.  


Ms. Dodge is currently on the faculty as an instructor for several dance studios in the Bay Area. She holds a degree in Radiologic Science and also continues to dance and instruct as a freelance artist in the Bay Area.

Feng Han.jpg

Feng Han

HPAA Founder & Artistic Director

Mr. Feng Han is the founder and artistic director of HPAA. Mr. Han graduated from the prestigious Beijing Dance Academy’s Classical Chinese Dance Department. He was the principal dancer and choreographer of the China National Opera and Dance Drama Theatre. 

He has won numerous awards and honors, such as the the Lotus Award, the most famous dance award in China. He has been recognized as 1st Rank Actor by the Chinese Ministry of Culture, and he is a member of the Chinese Dancers’ Association. He is also currently serving as CPAA's artistic director.  


While working at Sound, Sight, & Action Theatrical Production Company in the US as artistic director, he earned Canada's DORA Best Choreography Award twice with dance dramas "Tang Concubine" and "The Monkey King". He is the first Chinese to win this award. His artistic pieces have won Gold Medals at China’s Acrobatic Award and at a number of well known international competitions while working as guest choreographer and artistic instructor at Beijing Acrobatic Troupe.

He has been invited to serve as a dance and skills instructor by the China National Opera and Dance Drama Theatre, the Beijing Opera and Dance Drama Theatre, the Chinese National Gymnastic Team, and more. Actors and athletes he taught have won medals and honors in competitions in China, as well as abroad.

Mr. Feng Han has accumulated years of valuable experience and expertise in dancing, choreographing, and teaching.

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